Where can I find my downloads?

Mac OS: Usually you can find your downloads in the preset location of your browser (e.g.safari, chrome, firefox) on your computer. The default location is the downloads folder. Please refer to your browser documentation on how to select your download location.

Win: By default, downloads will be saved into your home directory which is usually located at C:/Users/[name]. Open Windows Explorer by pressing (Windows Key) + E to find your download directory or type “Download” in the address bar of Windows Explorer.

IOS: Apple added the Files app to your devices in iOS 11, replacing the iCloud Drive application. It lets you view your files located in iCloud Drive, on your device, and through a variety of third-party cloud services.

The built-in Files app and Mail app in iOS 11 can handle viewing and exporting content from a zip file, but the apps don’t work well for complex zip files or if you want to save the entire contents of the zip file.

Please note that you may need a third party app to unzip, handle and process files you download from audiome.shop.

Documents by Readdle is an excellent (and free at the time of this writing) app for zipping and unzipping files on iOS devices.

After you download the utility, drag and drop a zip file from Mail or another app into the Documents app, or use the Share options to copy the zip file to Documents by Readdle.

After the zip file is added to the Documents app, tap Documents and then tap the zip file to unzip it. The unzipped contents will appear in a new folder with the same name as the zip file.

ANDROID: Find the “Download” app in your list of applications. Please refer to the following help article by Google¬†for detailed instructions. There may be Android phones without a “Downloads” app. In these cases, you may need a third party File manager such as File Commander.

How may I use my audio))me tracks?

Audio))me licences will give you the individual non-exclusive right to use the contractual music in all audio visual performing media, for instance video, film, (including congress), tv-advertising, radio, webradio, podcasting, vlog/blog, social media postings, and websites as background music, each licence is limited to a single project, but limitless in terms of time (term: once) and territory (term: world). With your purchase you can use the music worldwide for a single project unless stated different.

Please ask for details if you are interested in the right for physical copying. support@audiome.shop. Please see full licence details here: audiome.shop/pricing.

Any of our licenses are valid for your individual project and not transferable to third parties or to multiple projects for instance campaigns. This will require a seperate single license. Please ask for details or send an Email to: support@audiome.shop

Our licences do not free you from your legal duties, obligations and notifications in line with copyright laws in your country. Audio))me content is copyright.

Please keep in mind that aditional performance fees maybe applicable in your country due to national copyright laws.

Is the territory of my audio))me licence limited?

Different to other providers audio))me licences are geographically given worldwide unless stated different on our website. Possible restrictions will be displayed on imaging themes- and cut-pages.

If you are interested in licensing audio))me content exclusively for a specific territory, please send an Email to support@audiome.shop.

How long is my audio))me licence valid?

The audio))me single licences (Silver, Gold, Platinum) are unlimited in terms of time. (term: once a lifetime) but restricted to a single project, e.g. film, advert, video etc. Have fun.

What are sync rights?

Synchronization rights, so called “sync rights” are required for any kind of audio visual media usage connecting music with visual information e.g. music in video, movie or tv-/audiovisual-advertising.

The audio))me licences silver, gold, platinum will provide you with all necessary rights to do so in your indiviual project/video/advert and keeps your mind free from any specific sync buyout requests regarding film, (industry, congress, motion-picture) tv-advertising, video, web-tv. For more details please refer to the audio))me terms of use or send an email to support@audiome.shop .


audio))me content is copyright protected.

We`d like to provide a fair share to our our composers and producers appreciating their passionate works. That`s why audio))me content is copyright protected – at a very affordable price.

audio))me licences do not include any rights transferred to national copyright societies, which have to be notified in case of any non private use. Additional performance fees may be applicable due to terms of national copyright societies. Notification requirements may differ from each other dependant to national law.

Please respect the copyright terms in your country in line with your national law. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.