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June 2018 - Launching audio))
We are excited to announce the launch of audio))! Be quick and get your early bird download completely free*! Claim your 39€ off discount at checkout using download-me-2018 coupon code (hurry up, limited availability!)
* 39€ off your first order enables you 1 free Gold download!
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- audio))me Silver license €19
- big mix variety with Gold license €39
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We are offering music licensing for all performance media and all kinds of projects like radio, podcasting, films (intl. congress, industry, documentary), advertising, social posting, video, web. please contact us, if you need assistance.
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Not happy?

- Additional mix needed?
- Different audio logo?
- New length, adapted tempo?
- Vocal logo instead of instrumental?
- Sung slogan?
- Music on picture locked edit?
- Anything else?

No Problem - we`re happy to hearing from you.
Custom works based on audio))me tracks from €199
Vocal versions from €299

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We are a new music plattform connecting creative producers together with passionate users to make music available for your usage
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1. silver, gold and platinum offers, tailored exactly to match your demands

2. one stop licensing for all performance media - including youtube video

3. aditional sync rights flat for tv, web, advertising, commercial film and video

audio))me FAQs
Attitude / copyrights
We`d like to provide a fair share to our our composers and producers appreciating their passionate works. That`s why audio))me content is copyright protected - at a very affordable price.

Please respect the copyright terms in your country in line with your national law. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Please see our Terms of Use
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